We help our clients achieve
tangible, high-impact results.

Low-Code No-Code

Manual data entry, spreadsheets and email are poor substitutes for automation. Digitization is the quickest, simplest and most cost-effective way to improve your project’s success. We use an industrial strength enterprise grade solution providing real-time visibility into all the moving parts of your project.

Risk Mitigation

TAG PMP takes a proactive approach toward risk management by enabling organizations to recognize all potential disconnects in their current processes. Operational resilience is mission critical, and our process is to immediately address current obstacles and determine potential hardships while providing the clear path forward. Understanding the probability of risks comprising all facets of contributing factors will systematically help define a cohesive, all-encompassing, and well-defined framework for your project.

Project Controls

Let us help you responsibly manage risk, cost, schedule, performance, resources, and change management. Having the right tools and professionals in place to recognize anomalies and workload imbalances will assist you bring in your project on time and under budget.

Data Collection and Benchmarking

We can collect and archive the necessary data to measure your internal and external performance year to year. Let us help you take the first steps in adopting a strategy that will help your organization either maintain current performance or drive it to the next level.


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