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TAG PMP provides in-depth, actionable insights that prepare you to promptly detect cost overruns using real-time performance metrics and analysis. The ability to adapt to evolving requirements and sustain operational resilience is crucial for the success of your project.


Our customizable project solutions help you identify gaps between actual and expected performance. Recognizing these disconnects and inefficiencies empowers you to address complications before they escalate. By enhancing the quality of your work-related data, our solutions provide you with the visibility you need for accurate forecasting.


Many Project Managers feel like they’re navigating their projects through the rear-view mirror. We can change that. Our service provides you and your team with real-time data on budgets, performance metrics, and timelines. This isn’t just about tracking historical data; it’s about empowering you to analyze, forecast, and identify risks proactively. Make key decisions with confidence—reach out to us to learn more today.

TAG PMP is dedicated to overseeing every phase of your project with a customer-centric focus, providing proven strategies, tools, and techniques that yield tangible results at critical moments


Attain measureable, high-impact outcomes.

Low-Code No-Code

Manual data entry, spreadsheets, and email are inefficient methods compared to automation. Digitization offers a quicker, simpler, and more cost-effective path to project success. We employ an enterprise-grade, industrial-strength solution that gives you real-time visibility into every aspect of your project

Project Controls

Let us help you manage risk, cost, schedule, performance, resources, and change responsibly. With the right tools and experts in place, we can identify anomalies and workload imbalances. This ensures your project stays on time and on budget.

Risk Mitigation

TAG PMP adopts a proactive approach to risk management, empowering organizations to detect a broader range of inconsistencies and gaps in their existing processes.

Data Collection and Benchmarking

Collect and archive essential data to track both internal and external performance annually. Begin implementing a strategy that enables your organization to either sustain its current performance level or elevate it

Our Approach Gives You A Competitive Advantage


Analysis & Strategy

Our mission at TAG PMP is straightforward—simplify complexity and boost productivity in your projects. Are you facing process inefficiencies that could be resolved with the right tools? Our cost-effective solutions offer enhanced transparency, enabling you to achieve superior results and quick ROI



We assist you in taking the lead on your project, ensuring you’re on the right track from the get-go by setting up all essential elements for a successful launch. Through meticulous planning, you’ll be well-prepared for both corrective and preventive actions.


Success Evaluation

We advocate for proactive course correction, enabled by ongoing feedback. Robust data hygiene is supported by well-designed workflow rules and management functions. Should any data issues arise, our specialized reporting features and dashboards equip you with the tools to swiftly identify and resolve the root cause.


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