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Customized cost-effective solutions to meet your KPIs more efficiently


TAG PMP offers comprehensive and effective insights that equip you with the knowledge and preparation to quickly identify cost overruns through real-time performance measurements and analyses. Adapting to changing needs and maintaining operational resilience throughout your project is imperative to your success.


Our customizable project solutions identify gaps in actual performance versus expected performance. Recognizing disconnects and inefficiencies empower’s you to react to complications before they become problematic. Improving work quality data provides greater visibility for proper forecasting.


Many Project Managers feel like they are looking at their project through the rear-view mirror. We can help by providing you and your team real-time data to analyze, forecast and highlight risk, not just track historical data. This allows you and your team to make key decisions throughout the project.

TAG PMP is dedicated to all phases of your project needs from a customer-centric perspective, helping facilitate success proven strategies, tools, and techniques with real-world value in the most critical times.


high-impact results.

Low-Code No-Code

Manual data entry, spreadsheets and email are poor substitutes for automation. Digitization is the quickest, simplest and most cost-effective way to improve your project’s success. We use an industrial strength enterprise grade solution providing real-time visibility into all the moving parts of your project.

Project Controls

Let us help you manage risk, cost, schedule, performance, resources, and change management responsibly. Having the right tools and professionals in place to identify anomalies and workload imbalances will help guide your project on time and on budget.

Risk Mitigation

TAG PMP takes a proactive approach to risk management by enabling organizations to identify more potential disconnects and discrepancies in their current processes.

Data Collection and Benchmarking

Collect and archive the necessary data to measure your internal and external performance from year to year. Take the first steps in adopting a strategy that will help your organization either maintain current performance or take it to the next level.

Our Approach Gives You A Competitive Advantage


Analysis & Strategy

Our goal at TAG PMP is simple – to successfully reduce complexity and increase productivity in your projects. Are there any process inefficiencies that could be improved if you just had the right tools in place? Our economical solutions can bring greater transparency into your projects to acheive better results with a rapid ROI.



We can help you get out in front of your project and stay on track by initially establishing all the necessary components for a successful launch. With appropriate planning, you will be better prepared for corrective and preventive changes.


Success Evaluation

We believe in a proactive approach to course correction through consistent feedback. Good data hygiene is facilitated by sound workflow rules and management functions. If bad data does appear, having the proper process reporting features and dashboards will provide the necessary tools to quickly discern and remedy the cause.


Primary industries we serve

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